Dive In: A Hyaluronic Acid Discussion

What exactly is Hyaluronic Acid – or what the skincare world has been calling “the fountain of youth” – and what can it do for your skin?  At Care Skincare, we LOVE Hyaluronic Acid and here’s why: it is a super molecule and substance our body produces naturally to keep our tissues hydrated.  Hyaluronic Acid holds up to 1,000x its weight in water and is present in the many layers of our skin, preserving its youthful ability to bounce back. This ingredient is making such a splash in skincare news: it’s something we need, want and have to have for healthy, glowy and most importantly well-hydrated skin. 

We spoke again to skincare science expert Debbie D’Aquino, Head of Care Skincare Product Innovation, and she had some very interesting facts to share on skin, moisturization and Hyaluronic Acid. Pro tip – Your moisturizer’s first mission should always be HYDRATION.  Skin is over 90% water, so without hydration and a strong moisture barrier (your skin’s first line of defense), your complexion is prone to dryness, patchiness, redness and irritation.  Free radicals can start to penetrate and damage your skin’s support system. YIKES…that means lines and wrinkles can start if you don’t hydrate your skin well, and it’s much better to prevent them while you can and keep a consistent skincare routine that includes the right kind of moisturization. 

I recently learned from Debbie that a heavy moisturizer may not be best at hydrating dry skin.  It makes me think back to some vintage cosmetics ads I saw from the 1950’s – luxurious jars whose contents are as thick and rich as frosting. You might think (as I definitely did) that a dense cream would certainly get the job done. These moisturizers may feel satisfying upon first application, but they won’t hydrate your skin on multiple levels the way a lightweight gel-cream or moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid will. Since our body already makes Hyaluronic Acid, it is easily recognized and utilized by your skin for maximum results.  And did you know – when someone tells you your skin looks great, they’re actually saying your skin is, well, properly hydrated.  Hydrated skin looks bright, has a smooth texture and glow – the first signs of dehydrated skin are dullness and uneven texture. 

Here’s something we’d like to share with you: every Care Skincare formula contains Hyaluronic Acid (from cleanser + toner, to serum and of course, moisturizer).  It all goes back to maintaining that strong moisture barrier: no matter how much your product is de-aging, anti-aging, toning or cleansing, it has a duty to keep your skin hydrated. 

More questions or thoughts on Hyaluronic Acid? We’d love to hear back from you, please leave us a comment! 

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Photos by Samuel Scrimshaw, Pixabay

Bio: Michelle is a former beauty executive and contributing writer who loves being part of the Care Skincare Team. She’s married with two small children who have more energy than all the drinks on a Starbucks menu.