Skincare Confessions, From Home.

I’m a work from home (and stay-at-home) mom with two loving, high energy kids under the age of 6. Like many of us, I’m grateful to stay put and thankful for those who keep our country going – yet I also find the days are busier than ever, leaving very little time for self-care. Here are my daily skincare confessions! 

Confession #1: I’ve been skipping some pretty essential skincare during quarantine. 

Have you been doing (or not doing) this too? With everything going on recently, and adjusting to a “new normal,” some nights (especially a few weeks ago) I would get sucked into the news, reading until I fell asleep in bed, without washing my face. (There was no need to change into pajamas however, since I am in a constant state of loungewear.) 

My skin is incredibly sensitive – so if I don’t take care of it, I start getting rough patches, little bumps and even pimples (which you think would have ceased to exist after turning 40 – but no!) I had to get back to a decent skincare routine, but it’s even more express than it used to be: 

Morning: Make breakfast, cleanse + tone with cotton ball, moisturize, 1st Zoom class of the day.  

(Cautionary note for parents – I thought I could get away with taking a quick shower while my 6 year-old was doing her group class, until she brought the iPad into the bathroom.) 

Day: If it’s not raining, apply SPF 50 (I am somehow allergic to any sunscreen under 40). Add eyeliner if you think you will see neighbors in passing. 

Evening:  Start dishwasher, wash face, apply serum, moisturize, skip a step if one of the kids wakes up. 

One thing that helps me take care of my skin is keeping products both in my bedroom bath and also in the downstairs. While the kids are eating breakfast, I can use Care Skincare Soft Sweep Micellar Cleanser + Toner (no rinse, which is handy) to wipe off my skin from the night before.  It’s kind of shocking (AND satisfying) to see what comes off on the cotton ball, especially in the morning.  It’s like I just Marie Kondo’ed my face!  

My skin is feeling extra dry with all this time indoors, and I love Care Skincare Deep Moisture Fix Hydrating Water Cream because it’s so cool and soothing. It plumps up my skin and helps with any dry patches. There is definitely a difference using a moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid – some of the other gel-creams I’ve used just don’t have the hydrating power Deep Moisture Fix does. 

I received a small jar of La Mer Lip Balm as a gift, and it makes me feel like a little bit like a celebrity to have something so posh. But for everyday use I like twist-up, tube balms better (Burt’s Bees in Apricot Vanilla) – it’s just easier to apply and I don’t have to stick my finger in it. 

Confession #2: I give myself a quick makeup makeover 2 minutes before a Zoom meeting. 

After cleaning up dinner I went into makeover mode for a 7pm video call with other parents from our school. I applied It Cosmetics CC Cream in Light, which is a little on the heavy side, but has fabulous coverage and it slides right on.  I use an Anastasia Brow Pencil that has the brush on one side – some brow enhancers are just the pencil, but the brush is needed to avoid angry looking brows.  A little wing-tip eyeliner (Double Wear Zero Smudge Liquid Liner by Estée is, as they say, zero smudge.) I also like Honest Beauty Tinted Lip Balm in Blood Orange.  It’s sheer and moisturizing but it has a nice color to it. As my Mom says – “Presentation is everything!” I washed off everything around 8:30pm, but I enjoyed being made up, even if it was for a short time.  If I wear makeup, I use Clinique’s Take the Day Off to remove eye and lip makeup, and Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser for foundation. However, Soft Sweep will always pick up the remaining traces of makeup for me, even after I wash my face. 

Confession #3: I never pamper my skin. 

I wish I could. As I mentioned, my skin is extremely sensitive, so I’m very careful of what I do to it, or put on it. Facials never worked well for me – I once had an expensive treatment with extractions, and it took months for my face to recover from the irritation.  It would be lovely to slip into a bathtub with a green face mask on (a la Instagram) but I don’t really have much time at night – plus, I might scare the kids. 

The high result/low maintenance/best thing I do for my skin is use a retinoid serum.  I once tried to include prescription retinol in my skincare routine and it was way too harsh. When I tried Care’s Tireless Retinol Night Serum for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised – it’s a light and gentle treatment that really brightens skin tone and takes a few seconds to apply.  As I get older, I notice lots of little sun spots and some lines on my foreheads, and this really smooths them out.   

Confession #4: I’m buying cosmetics for brighter days. 

A new lipstick might not be the most practical thing to purchase, but I have always felt like color is good for the soul.  A lipstick lets you dream a little – about wearing it to the wedding your friends will have when it’s safe to do so, having a big family reunion at your favorite restaurant, the beach vacation you’ll take (for that one, I’m thinking in shades of pink). Surely those better, brighter days are ahead.  

With Thanks & Care, 


Care Writer