Skincare Confessions! Hear from Laurel, 56.

Welcome to Skincare Confessions!  It’s like a peek into your bestie’s makeup bag, or a one-on-one beauty talk with a trusted friend. We’ve asked our customers, co-workers, acquaintances and family for their honest thoughts and feelings on skincare and cosmetics: tips, woes, loves, daily routines and must-have products. Get ready to be inspired! 

This post is from Laurel – our customer and the co-owner of a bakery and café.   

Please tell us a little bit about yourself, and why you love skincare and beauty. 

I was married at 21 right out of college to a man who favored a makeup free look. I thought it was what I favored too, but when our marriage broke up, I realized that what I really wanted to do was learn about makeup and skin care and begin a regimen to care for my skin. I was about 35 years old. I’d dabbled with Clinique before then, but I really hadn’t spent any time on my face. 

The first visit to a makeup counter at a department store was some of the most fun I had ever had shopping! I bought a full line of Lancome skin care and makeup and began a period of experimentation and focus on myself that was a revelation. The joy of self-expression and the beauty enhancement of skin care and makeup was truly essential to my discovering self worth and an appreciation for my own tastes and interests. 

I soon realized how much I enjoyed reading magazines like Elle and browsing cosmetics counters. Since that time I’ve had varying incomes and amount of free time to indulge this interest, but I have focused at least a part of my budget and interest on caring for the skin on my face to the general improvement of my well being and serenity. 

What are some of your skincare woes? Have you had a hard time finding the right products? 

Especially as I age and have developed an auto immune disease, my skin has become more and more sensitive. I developed a long term relationship with a facialist who used Dermalogica products, and working with her I was able to establish a routine that calmed many of my skin issues. But I still had a growing tendency to a rash that would spread over my entire face at different seasons of the year. It was a source of deep embarrassment and definitely affected my confidence. I made myself continue to see people. The worse flares happened in the years since we opened a bakery as a family, and it just wasn’t an option to stay home. But I had to develop a thick inner skin to go with my red and rough outer skin. The outbreak would eventually pass and could be calmed with colloidal oatmeal etc., but it really just seemed to have to run its course. 

My friend and facialist moved away, and I began to look for face care options that I could order online. I ran across an advertisement for Care Skincare, and I loved the idea and decided to try it. Imagine my delight when this system, which is less expensive for me than any other regimen I have tried, turns out to be the perfect combination of gentle and thorough moisturizing. Since starting three orders ago, I have not had a single flare up with my skin. I’ve had the beginning spot here and there and expected “here it comes!”, but it never materialized! I’m over the moon! 

How do you go about your daily beauty routine (morning and night)? 

In the morning I sweep my face with Micellar Water and follow that with Eye + Lip Cream and Deep Moisture Fix. If I am wearing makeup, I remove it at the end of the day then sweep again with Micellar Water and pat a dropper full of Tireless Serum over my face and follow that with Eye + Lip Cream and Deep Moisture Fix over my face and neck. Simplicity itself! 

What’s your favorite skincare tip?  

Once a week use of a gentle exfoliant with particular attention to the sides of the nose and the chin and between the eyes on the forehead followed by a few minutes with a masque (clarifying on the t-zone and moisturizing over the rest of the face and neck for me at my age) keeps pores clear and minimized and skin glowing between facials and also makes extractions a relatively painless part of any facial. 

Do you have any other thoughts on skincare, beauty and cosmetics you’d like to share?  

Eyelash tinting is a great idea for fair skin and haired people like me who also have sensitive eyes. Mascara only works for a few hours before I get eye irritation, but tinted lashes are always pretty and visible. If I am in a hurry and want a polished look, a quick patting over with a good powder compact, a light dash of blush and lip color, and I’m ready for anything. Eye makeup whether shadow or concealer can tend to settle into fine lines and creases and make me look older. A fresh face with healthy glowing skin plus just a dash of help evening skin tone and bringing out lips and brows is pretty ageless. The Care Skincare line has given me back the pleasure of wearing makeup and feeling confident and all at a remarkably affordable price. The routine is simple and easily portable for travel, and the customer service is responsive and efficient. I am thrilled to have stumbled onto this wonderful product line and company! 

With Thanks to Laurel,