#MomLife: Fashionable Mamas and Their Signature Style

I much admire these haute mamas that I see on Instagram, even as I write this in yoga pants (which, might I add, have never been used for that specific purpose).  Fashion should be an equal opportunity for everyone to express themselves (and also be comfortable, says the mom in me).  For sure, there are some days where you simply don’t have the time (the sweatshirt I wore to sleep will work just fine for school drop-off).  But add a pair of faux leather leggings to that and now you’re talking! We’re channeling the style of these awesome parental icons to help us with our everyday fashion planning: 

EVA CHEN: in her words, “Why wear all-black when you can wear an entire rainbow?” Quirky, colorful and always interesting, this “It Mom” loves bold prints and pieces that catch your eye (check out #EvaChenPose). Fashion challenge:  add one brightly colored item to your wardrobe, like earrings in a shocking shade of pink. For extra credit, wear with white sneakers (an Eva Chen favorite). 

THE ROYALS: HRHs Katherine and Meghan are both style queens that provide endless inspiration for moms everywhere.  Each woman has her own distinct silhouette, but both have poise, elegance and great taste (by the way, wearing one of those English hats to a wedding is on my bucket list, along with being an extra in a Jane Austen movie). I’ve noticed these Duchesses often pair slim pants or jeans with a casual but fitted jacket and ballet flats. Royal recommendation: throw a grey jersey blazer over your t-shirt and leggings. 

MICHELLE WILLIAMS: this actor’s style ranges from Brooklyn mom to red carpet glamor (who could forget that show-stopping, Vera Wang canary yellow gown circa 2006?), but she’s usually not spotted without her signature sunglasses: black and blocky with a thick frame.  Not only do they block damaging UV rays, these shades are also a superb and simple style statement. 

CHRISSY TEIGEN: we’ve seen this stunning (and hilariously outspoken) model mom of two rock nearly every outfit under the sun: from teal and feathers, to oversized plaid wrap dresses, florals, bikinis, shimmering couture and so much more. But one staple we love is her black cropped moto jacket.  This is another great piece to layer on top of a dress (maxi or short) that’s a no-brainer and perfect for when you’re on the go.  And any mom will tell you, leather (or pleather) is easy to wipe clean after holding a toddler with sticky fingers. 

We’d love to hear who else inspires your day-to-day fashion.  Leave us a comment to start a #MomLife wardrobe conversation! 

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Bio: Michelle is a former beauty executive who loves being part of the Care Skincare Team. She’s married with two young children who have more energy than all the drinks on a Starbucks menu.