The Glow! Staying Consistent with Retinol

The beauty topic on everyone’s mind? Glowing skin.  We recently asked Instagram followers why glowing skin was so important to them.  Some of the answers that really stood out were these: 

“Having glowing skin is important to me because it’ll boost my confidence!” 

“Glowing skin is important because all want to love the skin we are in.” 

“I want to keep my natural glow as the age years go up!” 

“Glowing skin is healthy skin!”  

These reasons really resonated with me – I’ve struggled with skincare issues from college through adulthood.  We all agree it’s important – but what’s the key to achieving radiant, glowing skin? If we took a poll with leading dermatologists, they’d almost certainly concur: using a retinoid regularly can transform skin like no singular ingredient can. In other words, this is something you should prioritize in your skincare routine if you’re after THE GLOW. 

Tapping into the vast skincare knowledge of Debbie D’Aquino, Head of Product Innovation for Care Skincare, we define “retinoids” as Vitamin A and the various compounds derived from Vitamin A.  Retinoids encourage the cell turnover that refreshes skin’s surface more quickly, which brightens it, helps pores look better, and improves skin’s texture.  Per Debbie, retinoids also work at a much more profound level by affecting gene expression and causing enhanced collagen production, skin smoothing, and an evening of pigmentation – which means it helps diminish dark spots, sun spots and acne scarring. 

I had of course tried a prescription retinol years before (it gave me red patches and flakiness, so I stopped immediately) and yet Tireless Retinoid Night Serum (shown in the image above) didn’t irritate my sensitive skin, it just encouraged the glow – gently.  A well formulated product is more than its star ingredient. When creating Tireless Retinoid Serum, Debbie and Care Skincare Founders Pilar and Ricardo Quintero also made sure other skin beneficial ingredients were formula musts– Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and soothe, caffeine as a potent antioxidant, especially for skin exposed to UV light, Vitamin C to defend against free radicals and Alpha-Arbutin, or bearberry extract, to reduce the look of hyperpigmentation.  

Almost everyone can benefit from adding retinoid skincare to their evening beauty routine.  If you’re ready to begin, don’t forget three things: 

  1. With this ingredient, compliance is KEY – use it every night. 
  2. Don’t forget an SPF of at least 30 or higher every day. 
  3. Read and follow the package instructions. 

Lastly, every age group can benefit from Tireless Retinoid Night Serum.   

Your 20’s: increased cell turnover means a more brilliant complexion and more refined pores (it also helps fade any acne scars) 

Your 30’s: boost collagen production at an age where it starts to slow down 

Your 40’s: an important time to protect and repair existing damage such as sun spots and fine lines 

Your 50’s: anti-aging benefits abound when you use retinoid skincare: firmer, brighter, smoother skin 

Your 60’s: helps minimize the look of lines and wrinkles so skin looks better with makeup (and without) 

Your 70s:  increases your skin’s radiance through exfoliation and the evening out of dark spots and imperfections 

Email us, talk to us, tell us if you have any questions about Tireless Retinoid Night Serum! 

With Thanks & Care, 


Bio: Michelle is a former beauty executive and contributing writer who loves being part of the Care Skincare Team. She’s married with two small children who have more energy than all the drinks on a Starbucks menu.