Major Multi-Tasking on the Daily

Wow, there’s a lot we have to accomplish on a day to day basis – and that’s the understatement of the year.  The positive side is it’s wonderful to add value to your work, home, family and community.  On the flip side: how on earth can we get all of this done?  Anecdotally, I have two full baskets of laundry that are screaming “FOLD US” and yet I put in another load of wash this morning (insert woman emoji with hand on face). 

As a modern mom who has to multi-task as a means of survival, I have a few thoughts on the subject that I hope are useful to you: 

LIST MANAGEMENT: Many multi-taskers swear by their to-do list, and I have different lists altogether on my phone which include topics like WORK, HOME, KIDS, GROCERIES, etc.  I keep it simple, but if it doesn’t immediately go onto a list there is a 120% likelihood it will not get done.   

I have a more formal structure for my WORK lists.  They are usually color-highlighted and in order of priority (red being the most urgent).  I find this helps me stay more organized and focused so I can go task by task. 

For my personal lists, like HOME, I try to combine things that can be done in one fell swoop (drop off amazon return, donate toys, shop for a week’s worth of groceries) and are all along the same route.  The best feeling? Deleting that line from existence! 

VISUALIZE YOUR DAY: On Tuesday, I could be like a shark cutting through the water, getting multiple things done quickly and efficiently.  But Wednesday, my mind is like a goldfish slowly circling the bowl. What’s the difference? I noticed that when I positively visualize my day in the morning before school drop-off (it takes just a few moments) and think about what I have to achieve, it tends to help me follow through. 

THE WONDERS OF TECHNOLOGY:  Right this minute I have quite a few things happening electronically.  There’s the laptop I’m using to write and check work emails with.  Simultaneously, I reached out via iPhone to someone I’d love to interview for this blog (spoiler alert: we talk to a Harvard expert on decluttering your mind) AND of course the TV is streaming Netflix’s wonderful foodie show “Chef’s Table” – for calming background noise and cooking inspiration. When left to our devices, there’s a lot of multi-tasking power! 

SELF-CARE AWARE: Even if you have mastered multi-tasking, I suggest adding one more item – being good to yourself. It could be a yoga session, a healthy lunch or a quick power nap (whatever rejuvenates you and gives you energy). For me, it’s skincare – if my sensitive skin feels dry or irritated, it will bother me throughout the day. That’s why I adore The Everything Multi-level Moisturizer by Care Skincare.  Packed with antioxidants from Turmeric Root Extract, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and anti-aging peptides, you get a serum + cream in one that cushions your skin (hello, major multi-tasking). 

Wishing you good luck in all your endeavors, whether you’re working hard at home or in the office! 

With Thanks & Care, 


Photos by bruce mars, Cathryn Lavery  

Bio: Michelle is a former beauty executive who loves being part of the Care Skincare Team. She’s married with two young children who have more energy than all the drinks on a Starbucks menu.