Hello 40s! Past + Present Skincare Thoughts

After a big birthday, I suppose it’s natural to look back in wonder – where did all the time go?  If I was to walk on the street and pass myself at age 20 (with breakup bangs), what would I say to her?  One of the lovely things about being young is the freedom of possibility; the beautiful part about getting older is the wealth of experiences you now have.  Every age has its unique benefits, as well as ups and downs.  However, when it comes to skincare, I’d stop that 20 year old right there and tell her these things (the ultimate definition of self-care): 

SCREEN YOUR SUN: No matter how old you are, or what your skin type is, SPF is essential (I wear it year-round on my face and just started putting it on my neck).  On beach days, skip the body oil and slather on the 30+.  There’s nothing wrong with basking in the sun (which I love), just be aware that those rays are one of the biggest culprits in aging skin. 

PREVENTION IS EASIER THAN REPAIR: A pro-tip I recently learned from Hello Giggles is that your 20s are a great place to start anti-aging products, like Care Skincare’s Tireless Retinoid Night Formula (which improves the look of pores, fine lines and boosts the radiance of your skin).  In my 40’s, I know there’s still a lot I can do, especially in the area around eyes and lips. Any dermatologist will tell this is most fragile skin on your face and is the first to show signs of age.  I dab on a little Eye + Lip Nourishing Cream one of the few products I’ve ever seen that multi-task in both places. 

HYDRATE: I used to have oily/combination skin and breakouts in my 20s, but it still needed hydration, desperately.  As a matter of fact, that’s any moisturizer’s sworn duty: making sure your moisture barrier is supported. Check out Deep Moisture Fix Hydrating Water Cream with Hyaluronic Acid, a beauty editor favorite for all skin types that I use almost every day, under or over makeup. Drink lots and lots of water, too!

BEAUTY SLEEP: There were times where I fell asleep on the couch a with a full face of makeup (every day of my 20s was a smoky eye day).  I’ve still been known to pass out, exhausted from running after the kids without washing my face and then waking up with a jolt at 2am. A note to both of you: finish your nightly routine before you rest so skin can get to work repairing and renewing without anything getting in its way. Award-winning Soft Sweep Micellar Cleanser + Toner is the perfect choice to quickly remove light makeup, dirt and oils as well as sunscreen (no rinsing required). 

TRUE CONSISTENCY: That’s twice a day, every day, to put your best face forward.  Most of us pamper our skin at night, but your morning is just as important.  Cleansing in the am rids your face of any overnight oils, impurities and excess product for a better complexion overall. The Everything Multi-level Moisturizer with Turmeric Extract and peptides fortifies your skin for the day ahead. 

CONFIDENCE IN ME: I know we’re on the topic of skincare, but dear 20 year old self – you are a good person and a true friend to others.  There’s no need to go overboard to impress, date a guy who doesn’t have your best interests in mind, be afraid to travel, take a risk (just not a hair-styling one). Have faith in who you are – I promise everything is going to turn out just fine. 

With Thanks & Care, 


Photography credits: Tirachard Kumtanom, doTERRA International, LLC,  RF._.studio, Julia Zolotova 

Bio: Michelle is a former beauty executive who loves being part of the Care Skincare Team. She’s married with two young children who have more energy than all the drinks on a Starbucks menu.