Meditation in a Modern Life

Jonathan Marcoschamer @theopenseed seeks to elevate human potential and wellness through technology. His concept for meditation pods, which can be used in the workplace, airports, shopping centers and more, just won the 2019 Miami Herald Start-Up Competition.  

Q: Please tell us about the benefits of meditation and its ancient history. How does meditation improve your overall health and happiness?  

A: The roots of meditation and some of its earliest written records date back to over 3,000 years ago. Throughout the centuries, it spread to different branches of Eastern cultures and religions. It is still widely practiced as a path towards enlightenment and spiritual growth, but since its adoption in the West, it has also become popular form of stress reduction and scientifically-proven method of improving memory, focus, cognitive development skills, and emotional intelligence. Although there are many types of meditations, all share the common goal of helping you quiet the mind, enter into a state of stillness, and achieve a higher state of awareness. Whether it’s mindfulness meditation, mantra-based techniques, chanting, or other methods, meditation helps you gain control of the mind instead of the other way around.  
Q: You’re combining modern technology with this age-old practice. Do you think the two contradict each other at all?   

A: I don’t think they contradict each other in most cases. I think it’s very important to honor and learn about the teachings of ancient traditions that brought meditation to the world in its purest form. However, I also believe that through technology, we’ve developed the ability to quantify the effects of meditation and provide scientific evidence, hence modernizing this age-old practice and making it accessible to the masses. As part of our roadmap, we are looking forward to merging meditation with advancements in AI, VR, neuroscience, the healing arts, and plant-based medicine to test theories, discover correlations, and make further progress the elevates our well-being.  

In his meditation pod. Photo credit: Pedro Portal 

 Q: How does the pod experience help assist a meditative state? What happens when you step inside?  

A: We’ve designed a micro-environment that induces calm as soon as you step inside.  By activating a session from the main menu on the 15-inch monitor inside the pod, you begin to follow the guided meditations and absorb the therapeutic sound vibrations that entrain your mind to the lower alpha and theta brainwave frequencies associated with deep states of relaxation. Convenient placement of essential oils for aromatherapy applications give you an instant dose of medicine that lets you go deeper. 

 Q: Would you say that with the stresses of modern life, we need meditation more than ever?   
A: Yes, definitely. Besides the common challenges of life, technology is moving so fast and disrupting every facet of our professional and personal lives. It’s hard for most people to adapt to change, so we need new tools and skills to upgrade our own internal and interconnected operating system – the body, mind, and spirit. I think meditation is a crucial skill and a major pillar of wellness. It’s a skill that everyone should learn and practice on a daily basis.  

Q: Let’s imagine that 5 years from now, everyone has easy access your OpenSeed meditation pods. How do you think this would improve the quality of our overall work/life balance?  
A: When we get to that point and our execution is successful, then millions of people will be given more opportunities to learn how to meditate and maintain a consistent practice.  They’ll be able to receive personalized experiences, have live and on-demand sessions with their choice of coaches, teachers, and spiritual guides to continuously help them grow and thrive. A holistic approach which includes meditation, nutrition, proper sleep, and meaningful relationships is what will ultimately improve the quality of our lives. We hope to make a positive impact on overall work-life balance through our products and services, collaborations, and our own corporate culture. 

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