Care 101: My Clean Beauty Intro

I started working in the beauty industry in my 20’s, and without a doubt the highlight of the job was receiving, testing and trying a plethora of products. Back in the day, I had about four bulging cases full, from eyeshadow palettes to sonic brushes to creams and serums-of-the-moment (and believe me, I did my best to use them all). 

It was exciting at the time, but when I put my career on pause I realized I could (and had to) make do with a lot less. I’ve pared down, little by little, in the past few years to get back to basics and see what really matters in my skincare routine.  As a mom with two toddlers, time is an issue too – I’m lucky some days if I make it to the shower (the opportunity for both shampoo and conditioner is an unexpected luxury).   

Here’s what I LOVE about Care Skincare: it’s designed to make your beauty life simpler and your skin look amazing. Each essential (there are only five in the line-up) is multi-functional and designed to promote a healthy, glowy complexion. There’s the clean beauty promise: ingredients that are proven and powerful like Hyaluronic Acid, Turmeric Root, Vitamin C, antioxidants and peptides.  Safety comes first: no fillers, no harmful ingredients, no irritating fragrance and every formula is RIPT tested for ultra-sensitive skins (like mine). Everything is 100% cruelty free. 

This is a quick peek at my quick, daily, self-care ritual: 

Two Minute Morning  

Cleanse – Moisturize – Protect 

  1. Soft Sweep Micellar Cleanser + Toner  
  2. Eye + Lip Nourishing Cream  
  3. The Everything Multi-level Moisturizer OR Deep Moisture Fix Hydrating Water Cream 

Please don’t judge – before I received my Care package, I wasn’t washing my face in the morning every day (only at night). When I started to use Soft Sweep Micellar Cleanser + Toner, I was astounded at what the cotton ball picked up in the am (as a bonus, there’s no need to rinse off after).  I also wasn’t aware that the delicate skin around your eyes and lips needs treatment to protect and repair at every age: enter Eye + Lip Nourishing Cream.  My skin is obsessed with The Everything Moisturizer – a cream that’s so smart it has the anti-aging benefits of a serum.  I layer on Deep Moisture Fix when my skin is extra thirsty during winter months or use this water cream solo during warmer weather. 

Three Minute Evening  

Cleanse – Repair – Moisturize 

  1. Soft Sweep Micellar Cleanser + Toner  
  2. Tireless Retinod Night Serum  
  3. Eye + Lip Nourishing Cream  
  4. The Everything Multi-level Moisturizer AND/OR Deep Moisture Fix Hydrating Water Cream 

I look forward to winding things down when the little ones are asleep but I do have to wash up quickly – they might not stay that way for long.  If I’ve worn foundation I use a foaming cleanser – if not, I start with Soft Sweep to gently remove traces of makeup, dirt and oil. Next, I smooth a few drops of Tireless Retinoid Night Serum over my face – after only one night, I noticed an improvement in my overall skin tone and clarity. Avoid applying around your eyes and lips – that’s a job for Eye + Lip Nourishing Cream. I usually finish with both The Everything Moisturizer and Deep Moisture Fix to cushion my skin after the stresses of the day. 

I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about Care Skincare, and that’s not beauty BS (just ask my husband). If you want to chat about simple skincare, please feel free to send me an email. 

With Thanks & Care, 


Bio: Michelle is a former beauty executive and contributing writer who loves being part of the Care Skincare Team. She’s married with two small children who have more energy than all the drinks on a Starbucks menu.